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These are all of the photographs from Guy and Lois's collection that had a person in them that we could identify. There are two very old albums and an assortment of photos that we have know idea who the people are. You are more than welcome to look at them. The originals are being stored in a waterproof container and are in good shape. I tried to put these is some sort of chronological order. NOTE: The older pictures named Jean are Lois's sister Jean.

I need your help. In some of the photos you will see "unknown" or I may have spelled a name wrong or put the wrong name in. If you see this and know the correct answer, do the following. Hold your cursor over the thumbnail photo and you will see a number. Get back to me with the number and the correction....Thanks!

You can view the photos one at a time or use the slideshow button in the upper right. It may take a few minutes for the photos to download on you system.

To download a photo just click on the thumbnail and when the large version comes up click on download above it.

To download all of the photos click on select just above the thumbnails on the right. Then click All on the left and then download on the right. This will download a .zip file to your computer.

If you click on register/login at the top of the page and register, when you sign into the site you will have a favorites folder. You can then save your favorite photos to this folder.

I hope this makes it easy for you to view the photos. I would suggest you make a copy of the photos to your computer just for safe keeping. This old guy ain't going to be around for ever. Right now they are saved on the cloud, an external hard drive and a thumb drive in the same box as the photos.

It was a pleasure sorting through the Helwig history. Looks like it's going to continue for a long time.
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